Project's Summary

Witt Architects, an esteemed architectural studio, has recently unveiled their latest project, the North Tlv Home. Situated on a spacious plot of 1000 sq"m, this remarkable development consists of two stunning houses. The primary residence, designated for the owners and their son, encompasses three-fourths of the plot, while the remaining quarter is home to a separate building designed for rental purposes.

The two buildings are strategically positioned close to the street facade, running parallel to each other. Notably, the facade of the rental building facing the main house is devoid of any openings. Instead, it is adorned with a captivating arrangement of bricks in the form of arches, creating a rhythmic pattern. Serving as the back of the garden between the two houses, this unique design element adds a touch of elegance and intrigue to the overall aesthetic.

The main building, a duplex with a charming roof made of tiles, offers a delightful surprise in the form of a small terrace adjoining the master bedroom on the upper floor. This terrace provides a serene vantage point, overlooking the beautifully landscaped garden. Adjacent to the main building, a brick structure with a Pergola design serves as a living room, further enhancing the architectural splendor of the property.

All the brick buildings harmoniously enclose a square-centered garden, which forms the heart of the North Tlv Home. The centerpiece of this outdoor oasis is an inviting pool, inviting residents and guests alike to relax and unwind amidst the tranquil surroundings. The clever arrangement of the buildings around the garden creates a sense of grandeur, evoking the ambiance of a small "mansion".

This thoughtful layout seamlessly integrates the garden and its activities with the interior of the houses, creating a cohesive living experience. The North Tlv Home embodies the vision of Witt Architects, who have successfully crafted a space where the boundaries between indoor and outdoor living blur, allowing residents to enjoy a unified and harmonious living environment.

The North Tlv Home by Witt Architects is a testament to their exceptional design prowess and attention to detail. With its striking facade, unique architectural elements, and the integration of nature, this project is a true masterpiece.

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