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Title: The Unique Movement of the Knight on a Chessboard: A Fitting Tribute to Sacrifice

WJM Architect, a renowned architectural studio, has unveiled its latest masterpiece – the LEED Platinum-Knight on a Chessboard project. This artistic work stands as a tribute to someone who sacrificed so much, showcasing the studio's commitment to sustainable design and innovation. Situated at 28 Cross Street in Hillsdale, New Jersey, this beautiful home seamlessly blends into the existing neighborhood while setting new standards in energy efficiency and environmental consciousness.

Certified with the highest LEED level, this house is an astounding seventy-nine percent (79%) more efficient than a typical new house, surpassing all expectations. MaGrann Associates, the "Green Rater" and energy experts, submitted the results on November 5. The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) wasted no time in certifying it as LEED Platinum on November 6, 2009, earning a remarkable total of 95 LEED points.

This architectural marvel is not only the first Platinum level LEED home in Bergen County, New Jersey but also the first in any NJ suburb statewide. It has achieved compliance with New Jersey's Clean Energy Programâ„¢ New Jersey Climate Choice Home standards, making it a pioneer in the region. Furthermore, this home showcases the latest sustainable green design building science and cutting-edge technology, setting a benchmark for future construction projects.

Featuring four bedrooms, two and a half baths, and an elevator, this LEED Platinum-Knight on a Chessboard project incorporates various eco-friendly elements. The integration of photo-voltaic panels enables the efficient utilization of solar energy, while solar gain management ensures optimal temperature control. Geothermal heating and air conditioning systems minimize the home's carbon footprint, providing comfortable living while reducing energy consumption.

In addition, LED lighting, rainwater capture and reuse systems, and indigenous plantings further enhance the home's sustainability. The construction itself boasts super-insulated foundations, walls, and roof construction, offering exceptional energy efficiency with R-values of R53, R24, and R60, respectively.

Beyond its impressive green features, what sets this project apart is its ability to inspire. The LEED Platinum-Knight on a Chessboard project showcases how sustainable design can seamlessly blend into any neighborhood while creating a beautiful and comfortable living space. By pushing the boundaries of architectural creativity, WJM Architect has demonstrated that even the most stringent energy efficiency standards can be achieved without compromising aesthetics or comfort.

In conclusion, the LEED Platinum-Knight on a Chessboard project by WJM Architect stands as a testament to the power of innovation and sustainable design. It not only sets new standards in energy efficiency but also pays homage to those who have made significant sacrifices. This architectural marvel serves as a beacon of inspiration, encouraging others to embrace sustainable practices and create a better future for generations to come.

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