Project's Summary

The Not Too Old project, designed by WHIM architecture, aims to address the challenges posed by the ageing population. This innovative proposal offers a rich and vibrant environment for our senior citizens, providing a wide range of high-quality facilities within a single complex. The design includes restaurants, cafes, jeux de boulles fields, a swimming pool, and other sports fields, alongside a large number of efficient housing units.

The architectural concept revolves around a nine-story building, with apartments forming the outer shell and public facilities located at the core. This arrangement allows for the visibility of the public program through large voids and penetrations in the building's structure. By sharing facilities with other age groups, the project promotes a sense of community while also making the amenities more profitable and efficient. This approach not only enhances the financial viability of the project but also ensures that the facilities can be of the highest quality.

One of the key principles behind the Not Too Old project is the integration of senior citizens with modern society. Unlike gated communities, which isolate older individuals, this design encourages interaction and engagement with people of all ages. By allowing other age groups to visit the complex, the senior citizens living here can maintain connections with the broader society. This social integration offers numerous benefits, including increased socialization, opportunities for learning, and a sense of belonging.

The Not Too Old project, located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, encompasses a diverse range of amenities. In addition to 691 housing units, the complex features four restaurants, a pub/cafe, two lounge cafes, an internet cafe, a cinema with two rooms, a dance school, a swimming pool, three tennis courts, two sport fields, a fitness center, four laundry facilities, and five retail spaces. This comprehensive program ensures that residents have access to a wide variety of recreational, social, and practical services, promoting a fulfilling and enjoyable lifestyle.

In conclusion, the Not Too Old project by WHIM architecture offers a forward-thinking and inclusive approach to housing for senior citizens. By creating a rich environment with a range of high-quality facilities, this design not only meets the needs of older individuals but also fosters integration with the broader society. With its innovative architectural concept and diverse program, this project sets an example for creating age-friendly communities that prioritize social engagement and well-being.

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