Project's Summary

Milan Dräger Offices: A Unique Design Achievement by WOOD-SKIN

Milan Dräger Offices, a project designed by the innovative architectural studio WOOD-SKIN, showcases the first-ever use of Fold Panels in its entirety. This groundbreaking design solution has been employed in various areas of the building, each with distinct needs and purposes, ranging from small meeting rooms to the striking staircase and the welcoming entrance hall.

The Fold Panels used throughout the project have been meticulously customized using an online configurator, enabling designers to create unique geometries and select appropriate materials for each space. The panels play a pivotal role in characterizing the ambiance of the different areas, blending aesthetics and functionality seamlessly.

To ensure optimal performance, the designers opted for colored synthetic felt with exceptional acoustic properties, combined with blue MDF. This fusion of materials, along with the integration of rectangular and square panels from the O-gami family, contributes to the overall visual appeal of the office space.

The Fold Panels effortlessly cater to both aesthetic and technical requirements, making them a versatile and multi-faceted design solution. The careful combination of materials and geometries not only enhances the visual impact of the space but also ensures the practicality and functionality of the office environment.

The Milan Dräger Offices project, brought to life through the collaboration of APIUC Architetti Associati and Matteo Lomaglio, showcases the remarkable capabilities of the Fold Panels. The innovative use of these panels, alongside the thoughtful integration of different materials, creates a harmonious and inspiring work environment.

In conclusion, the Milan Dräger Offices project is a testament to the extraordinary design possibilities offered by WOOD-SKIN's Fold Panels. The integration of customized geometries and carefully selected materials has resulted in a visually stunning and highly functional office space. This project exemplifies the remarkable capabilities of the Fold Panels, showcasing their ability to transform any environment into a unique and captivating space.

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