Revolutionizing Architecture: WOOD-SKIN's Innovative Approach

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WOOD—SKIN is an architecture studio that was established in 2013 with the goal of bridging the gap between the creative freedom of digital representation and the practical challenges of construction. Through their patented software-driven technology, WOOD—SKIN® has revolutionized the way flat surfaces can be transformed into three-dimensional structures in the digital era. This innovative approach has made it possible to bring design ideas that were once considered extravagant or expensive to life in a more affordable and practical manner.

The team at WOOD—SKIN is made up of passionate architects, designers, and engineers who share a common interest in materials, digital fabrication, and software. Their fascination with these fields has driven them to overcome the technical and economic obstacles associated with creating complex 3D surfaces using conventional cladding materials such as wood, felt, cork, plastic, and metal. By combining composite materials and digital fabrication, they have discovered a realm of possibilities where technology serves as the catalyst for new building methods and a fresh design language.

At WOOD—SKIN, the focus is on pushing the boundaries of what is possible in architecture and design. By leveraging their expertise in software-driven technology, they have unlocked new avenues for creativity and innovation. The ability to transform flat surfaces into dynamic, multidimensional structures has opened up a world of possibilities for architects and designers, enabling them to bring their most ambitious and imaginative ideas to life. Through their pioneering approach, WOOD—SKIN is making the seemingly impossible possible in the world of architecture and construction.

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Milan, Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy
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