Project's Summary

HG House, designed by the renowned architectural studio Agraz Arquitectos S.C., is a stunning residence that encapsulates a strong masculine presence. The design concept is centered around this idea, and the house's program reflects it perfectly. Adding a unique touch, the firm has incorporated a half-level ramp that houses the family's cars beneath the living spaces. The garage and service areas are intelligently placed here, while the house itself ascends another half-level to the main entrance, where a reception lobby and a small bathroom are located.

As one explores the interior, they are immediately captivated by one of the most intriguing aspects of the house - the terrace, dining area, living room, and family room are all seamlessly integrated into a single open space, devoid of any divisions. On one side, the kitchen stands apart from this unified space, separated by a ramp stairway that connects it to the basement. This clever design choice ensures that whether one enters the house through the garage or the main door, they are greeted at the same point, ultimately leading to the upper level with its exquisite mahogany and glass structure.

The second floor of HG House features a generously proportioned studio for the four boys of the family, providing them with their own space and independence from the social activities that may occur in the lower levels. Adjacent to the studio are a couple of bedrooms, each designed for two boys, complete with their own bathrooms and dressing rooms. These bedrooms lead to a terrace that was thoughtfully conceived as a meeting area for the brothers, encouraging bonding and shared experiences.

The design of HG House also takes into consideration the privileged orientation of the project, placing the main bedroom as the focal point of the entire residence. This space is divided into a shared bathroom area, with separate dressing rooms for each parent. The highlight of the main bedroom is a light-generating patio that brings the outside in, offering a serene escape amidst the treetops.

Volumetrically, the house comprises a series of structures that appear to engage in a harmonious play of shadows throughout the day, creating an aesthetically pleasing visual experience. The project is anchored by an intermediate level that supports a central plate, which extends to cover the entire length of the building. As this structure emerges on the second level, it transforms into a protected shutter belvedere, elevating the main bedroom into an outdoor observatory.

To welcome guests into this architectural masterpiece, acclaimed artist Fernando Sandoval has designed a stainless steel sculpture entitled "Tree." This artwork serves as a captivating entry point, setting the tone for the unique and extraordinary experience that awaits within HG House.

In summary, HG House is an exceptional architectural achievement that embraces a strong masculine presence while offering a harmonious blend of luxury and functionality. The intelligent design choices, from the placement of the garage and service areas to the seamless integration of living spaces, create an inviting and cohesive living environment. With its thoughtfully designed bedrooms, terrace, and main bedroom, HG House ensures that every member of the family has their own space to thrive and come together.