Project's Summary

Casa Lumaly: Where a Tree Becomes a Part of the Family

Casa Lumaly is a truly remarkable residence, mainly because its main inhabitant is not just the family but also a tree. Designed by the renowned architectural studio Agraz Arquitectos S.C., this house stands out not only for its unique concept but also for its unconventional orientation.

At first glance, the placement of Casa Lumaly may seem at odds with the surrounding street. However, upon closer observation, it becomes evident that this is not the case. The house's longitudinal axis is oriented east-west, perpendicular to the street, while the ideal orientation for the house would be north-south. To address this, the architects made a conscious decision to turn the house inwards, creating a connection with the street through a carefully crafted transitional space. This space serves as a buffer zone, changing the pace as one approaches the entrance. The architects believe that every project, regardless of its size, has a responsibility to contribute to the creation of a sense of place in the city.

The inward orientation of the house influenced its layout, which takes the form of a straightforward "L" figure. The smaller section houses the entrance and family room, while the larger part opens up towards the garden and accommodates the kitchen, dining room, living room, and terrace. The key space that connects these areas both horizontally and vertically is the house's main spatial feature. It is the only area in the entire building that boasts a double-height ceiling, thanks to the beautiful tree located next to the tallest window. This window, adorned with a lattice designed by artist Adrian Guerrero, allows the light to filter through and creates a captivating play of dancing sun rays, setting the tone for the house's unique atmosphere.

The tree and the filtered light serve as daily reminders of time, just as architecture bears witness to space. The tree becomes a witness to time, growing old alongside the family and sharing their lives and memories. It is a true partner to the residents of Casa Lumaly, making this house truly special.

Casa Lumaly, located at Paseo del Támesis #13, Frac. Puerta Aqua, Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico, was designed by Agraz Arquitectos SC. The project was initiated in 2011 and completed in 2016. The project manager was Leticia Macias, with collaborators including Jessica Magaña, Erick Martínez, Juan Antonio Jaime, Alejandra Naranjo, Javier Aguirre, Araceli González, Cristina Medina, Rafael Betancourt, Sebastián Manzo, Gerardo Hernández, Martín G. Vega, and Miriam G. Estarrón. The construction was carried out by Calca constructora, under the supervision of Ing. Cesar Alcaraz Flores and Arq. Roberto Álvarez Machuca. The stunning photographs of Casa Lumaly were captured by Mito Covarrubias and Nicolás Covarrubias, with the rendering done by RM3 Studio. The site area spans 612.72 m2, while the construction area covers 573.45 m2.

Casa Lumaly is a testament to the vision and creativity of Agraz Arquitectos SC, where a tree becomes an integral part of a family's home. It is a place where architecture and nature merge, creating a harmonious and extraordinary living space.