Project's Summary

Situated on a sprawling 40-acre property, the breathtaking 63rd Street Ranch Residence stands proudly as a Net Zero home, offering unparalleled panoramic views of the majestic Front Range. This picturesque landscape encompasses iconic natural landmarks such as the Flatirons and Longs Peak. What sets this architectural gem apart is its unique layout, carefully designed to cantilever from the sloping hillside. This not only creates a stunning backdrop for the patio and pool but also harmonizes with the surrounding environment.

When crafting the design of the 63rd Street Ranch Residence, the team at bldg.collective architectural studio placed paramount importance on seamlessly integrating the home with its dynamic site. By thoughtfully orienting the structure to interact with the natural grade of the ridgeline, the architects achieved a remarkable interdependency with the terrain. The end result is a contemporary masterpiece that appears as if it has been an integral part of the landscape for countless years.

Throughout the design process, the passionate client, who holds a deep appreciation for high-level architecture and design, collaborated closely with the talented architects at bldg.collective. This collaborative effort ensured that every step of the project was infused with the client's vision. The goal was to create a home that not only boasts a modern and captivating form but also exudes warmth and invites a sense of comfort.

Elevating the grandeur of the 63rd Street Ranch Residence are its remarkable ten-foot floor-to-ceiling glass windows and striking steel planes. These architectural features create a sense of drama, allowing the surrounding natural beauty to become an integral part of the interior living experience. To balance the boldness of these elements, the exterior is adorned with the rich and inviting tones of Arborwood, while the interior walls are finished with the soft textures of American clay.

The 63rd Street Ranch Residence is a testament to the power of collaboration and thoughtful design. Its seamless integration with the surrounding landscape and captivating architectural features make it a truly exceptional and timeless dwelling. This extraordinary home stands as a testament to the harmonious relationship between architecture and nature, showcasing how a modern structure can coexist with its environment in perfect harmony.

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