Project's Summary

Crestview Residence: A Unique Unfolding Home

The Crestview Residence project, created by the HR DESIGN DEPT architectural studio, embarked on a journey to fulfill a request for an understated yet uniquely designed home. The result is a stunning masterpiece that captivates viewers as they step inside. This architectural marvel takes advantage of each living space to redirect orientation, creating an ever-changing experience for its occupants.

One of the standout features of the Crestview Residence is its ability to seamlessly transition from expansive courtyard views to private gardens. As you move through the house, the surrounding neighborhood foliage is beautifully displayed through vaulted clerestory windows. This clever design not only brings nature indoors but also gives unexpected volume to the low-slung house, creating a sense of grandeur and spaciousness.

The house's layout revolves around an existing pecan tree and a proposed pool, which serve as the focal points of the property. Bedrooms are strategically positioned off the courtyard, offering privacy and tranquility. The living room and master bedroom, located at opposite ends, encase this oasis. Covered patios under the canopy provide a perfect vantage point to overlook the enticing pool, creating a serene and inviting atmosphere.

The project team behind this remarkable residence includes Mezger Homes as the builder, Feldt Consulting Engineers as the structural engineer, and Campbell Landscape Architecture as the landscape designer. Their combined expertise and vision have brought the Crestview Residence to life, showcasing the seamless integration of architecture, structure, and nature.

In conclusion, the Crestview Residence stands as a testament to the HR DESIGN DEPT architectural studio's ingenuity and creativity. This project has successfully transformed a simple request for an understated home into an extraordinary living space that harmoniously blends with its surroundings. The careful placement of living areas, the incorporation of natural elements, and the attention to detail make the Crestview Residence a truly remarkable architectural achievement.

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