Project's Summary

Residing on a picturesque knoll offering breathtaking views of San Francisco and Mount Tamalpais, a stunning residence has been skillfully crafted by the renowned Richardson Pribuss Architects. The clients' primary objective was to achieve a contemporary and serene design that would perfectly complement their relaxed California lifestyle, as well as provide an exquisite backdrop for their impressive art collection.

One of the key elements of this architectural masterpiece is the third story, which had to strike a delicate balance between voluminous and subtle, ensuring it harmonized with the neighboring homes rather than overpowering them. To achieve this, the architects ingeniously created a setback from the front facade, artfully distancing the structure from the street. Utilizing glass and metal, they were able to infuse the form with an ethereal and weightless quality, further enhancing the overall design.

The existing structure of the residence underwent an extensive transformation, incorporating vertical cedar panels adorned with new windows that flood the interior space with an abundance of natural light. This clever renovation not only imbues the home with a refreshing ambiance but also offers captivating views that seamlessly blend with the surrounding landscape.

The interior layout of the residence was thoughtfully adapted to revolve around a magnificent open stair, which acts as a central focal point, connecting various areas of the house. Clad in cedar to echo the exterior, this exquisite staircase not only frames key views but also provides a striking contrast against the neutral-toned walls. The careful attention to detail and the seamless integration of design elements create a captivating visual narrative throughout the home.

In summary, Richardson Pribuss Architects have masterfully created a residence that not only embraces its stunning surroundings but also showcases an impressive art collection. The contemporary and serene design harmonizes effortlessly with the relaxed California lifestyle of the clients. Through the skillful use of glass, metal, and cedar, the architects have seamlessly blended the interior and exterior spaces, allowing for an abundance of natural light and captivating views. This architectural marvel stands as a testament to the vision and creativity of the Richardson Pribuss Architects studio.

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