Project's Summary

The Pacific Combat Zone, a sprawling facility that covers half a city block and is conveniently located just two blocks from the National Museum of the Pacific War, is undergoing a remarkable transformation. This ambitious project, spearheaded by the renowned architectural studio Richter Architects, aims to revamp the entire space in order to enhance the visitor's educational experience and provide a better platform to showcase and safeguard rare artifacts. Phase 1 of this redevelopment endeavor includes the construction of a new arrival building and museum store, an orientation plaza, and public restrooms. Furthermore, new exhibits will be installed within existing metal buildings that currently house an Avenger aircraft and a PT boat.

The architectural design of the arrival building and public restrooms draws inspiration from the iconic bunkers and military structures that were prevalent in the Pacific theater during World War II. Cast concrete and corrugated metal have been utilized to create a visual homage to these structures, offering visitors a glimpse into the past and a deeper connection to the historical significance of the Pacific Combat Zone. Additionally, the newly created orientation courtyard will provide informative exhibits that contextualize the war, while a strategically placed map will vividly convey the immense scale of the Pacific and the logistical challenges it posed.

It is important to note that the Pacific Combat Zone is not intended to celebrate or commemorate war. Instead, its primary purpose is to educate the younger generations about the significant events that unfolded during World War II, and to ensure that the sacrifices made during this tumultuous period in history are never forgotten. By immersing visitors in a living history experience through the staging of gear demonstrations and battle re-enactments multiple times a year, the Pacific Combat Zone strives to bring this era to life and foster a deep respect for the countless lives that were affected.

The Phase 1 redevelopment of the Pacific Combat Zone is a testament to the dedication of Richter Architects and their commitment to preserving history. This project serves as a bridge between the past and the present, offering visitors an opportunity to learn from the mistakes of the past while honoring the bravery and sacrifices of those who fought. As the Pacific Combat Zone continues to evolve, it is sure to become an invaluable resource for education and remembrance, ensuring that the lessons of history are never forgotten.

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