Project's Summary

Maison Margiela, the renowned fashion house, collaborated with the innovative architectural studio Wood-Skin to create a stunning outdoor installation in the heart of the Milanese fashion district. This unique project, known as Tailor Made, involved the use of Wood-Skin's groundbreaking technology to transform a flat surface into a mesmerizing origami volume.

The installation, which was completed in 2015, required the Wood-Skin team to carefully study the characteristics of Maison Margiela's design and create a surface that could be shaped by pulling it at specific points. This innovative approach allowed the flat surface to take on a three-dimensional form, seamlessly fitting into the existing historical balcony.

The use of Wood-Skin's high-pressure laminate (HPL) material played a crucial role in bringing this project to life. The HPL ensured that the installation was not only visually striking but also durable enough to withstand outdoor elements. This combination of design and functionality perfectly encapsulated Maison Margiela's aesthetic vision.

The Maison Margiela outdoor project stands as a testament to the creative possibilities that can be achieved when fashion and architecture collaborate. By merging innovative technology with traditional craftsmanship, Wood-Skin was able to create a temporary installation that not only enhanced the beauty of the Milanese fashion district but also showcased Maison Margiela's commitment to pushing boundaries and reimagining the possibilities of design.

This project serves as a reminder that architecture is not limited to buildings alone; it can also be a form of art that enriches our surroundings. Maison Margiela's collaboration with Wood-Skin demonstrates the power of creativity and the ability to transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary experiences. As we continue to witness the intersection of fashion and architecture, we can only anticipate more breathtaking installations that blur the line between design and innovation.

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