Project's Summary

Robert Gross Architect Studio recently completed a remarkable project called the House on Morrow Road. Nestled in a peaceful suburban neighborhood, this custom single-family home was carefully designed to meet the unique needs of an elderly couple while maintaining their desired level of independence. With a spacious 4,200 square feet, the house offers plenty of room for visiting family members, yet cleverly minimizes the personal space required for the couple on a daily basis. It was important to seamlessly incorporate features that enhance their lifestyle without compromising the modernist aesthetic expression that the clients desired.

The architects faced the challenge of creating a home that acknowledges the evolving challenges faced by aging individuals. To address this, the planning and circulation of the house were thoughtfully considered. The inclusion of a first-floor master suite and minimized level changes both inside and outside the house ensure easy accessibility for the couple. Furthermore, the design incorporates discreet built-in amenities that simplify everyday tasks, seamlessly integrating functionality into the overall aesthetic.

Despite the constraints of a relatively small lot and tight zoning setback envelope, the architects managed to construct a two-story house that fulfills all the clients' requirements. The first floor was meticulously planned to provide all the necessary living spaces and amenities for the couple. The circulation flow between primary spaces was compactly designed, minimizing travel distance for the homeowners. This thoughtful layout ensures convenience and ease of movement for the elderly couple.

The House on Morrow Road is a stunning example of the clear distinction between public and private spaces. The architectural design masterfully utilizes a material palette that reflects the clients' love for natural elements. The house features a beautiful variety of hard and soft woods, stones, fiber-cement panels on secondary facades, and brushed aluminum trim and clad windows. The central atrium floods the interior with natural light throughout the day, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, the House on Morrow Road incorporates highly energy-efficient strategies. Passive solar orientation and shading structures, along with high-efficiency heating and conditioning systems, contribute to its sustainability. The super-insulated envelope, paired with high-performance glazing, ensures optimal energy conservation.

The House on Morrow Road is a testament to the skill and expertise of the Robert Gross Architect Studio. By thoughtfully addressing the unique needs of an aging couple, while maintaining a contemporary design, this custom home provides the perfect balance of functionality and aesthetic beauty. It stands as a remarkable example of how architecture can enhance the lives of individuals and adapt to changing circumstances.

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