Project's Summary

8i Architects, in collaboration with FKG Group, has been recognized for their exceptional design and documentation of Stage 1 of the new Secondary School at Highfields, just north of Toowoomba. The project, commissioned by the Queensland Department of Education, Training, and Employment, aimed to create a state-of-the-art educational facility.

Stage 1 of the project successfully delivered over 30 teaching spaces, including special education facilities, with a capacity to accommodate up to 480 students. The construction encompassed a range of 16 new buildings, each serving a specific purpose. These included an Administration Building, Library/Information Services Centre, Canteen & Central Amenities, Food & Hospitality Centre, Multiple GLA's, Lecture Theatre, Visual Arts & Textiles Studios, Graphics Studio, Multiple Workshops, and related support spaces. Additionally, the project provided multiple Science Labs and preparation areas, Staff Workrooms, Head of Department Offices, Student Support Centre, Business Planning & ICT and Junior Learning Centre, as well as various amenities and play areas.

The Highfields State Secondary College project also prioritized the provision of essential infrastructure. This included a designated student drop-off and bus zone area, visitor and staff car parking facilities accommodating over 160 vehicles, covered entry and walkways, and a sports oval. These additions aimed to enhance the accessibility and functionality of the campus.

Upon completion, the facilities were subject to an independent review by the Department of Education, Training, and Employment (DETE), who rated the design as an exemplar for future school constructions. The project not only showcased the expertise of 8i Architects but also demonstrated their commitment to creating innovative and inspiring educational environments.

In summary, the collaboration between 8i Architects and FKG Group has resulted in the successful completion of Stage 1 of the Highfields State Secondary College project. The state-of-the-art facilities, designed with careful consideration for students' needs and future expansion, have garnered recognition for their excellence in design and documentation. This achievement highlights the architectural expertise of 8i Architects, setting a benchmark for future educational buildings.

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