Project's Summary

The Health Sciences and Student Resources Building at North Seattle College has undergone an impressive renovation and expansion, resulting in the creation of a vibrant community hub in the heart of the campus. This two-story building boasts a magnificent daylit atrium, which serves as both the physical and spiritual center of the college. This remarkable addition perfectly aligns with the vision outlined in the campus master plan.

Surrounding the atrium are essential facilities such as a cafe and the Tutoring Center on the ground floor, while the upper floor houses science labs, a nursing skills lab, and classrooms. This thoughtful arrangement ensures that the atrium becomes a shared space, fostering a sense of community among students, faculty, and staff. The design team has successfully created an environment where individuals can connect, collaborate, and engage with one another.

The cafe within the building embraces a service model that resonates with the contemporary college community. Its centerpiece is an espresso bar offering convenient grab-and-go service, which remains open throughout the day. During lunchtime, the cafe expands its offerings to include made-to-order sandwiches, salads, and hot dishes. What sets this cafe apart is its flexibility – moveable walls allow it to seamlessly extend into the atrium, accommodating special events and celebrations such as the College's annual Foundation dinner. Additionally, a large sliding glass wall connects the cafe to an outdoor space, providing an inviting area for dining and gathering.

The architectural design of the building harmoniously blends with the existing campus design vernacular. The addition features a light steel-framed structure that gracefully floats over the underlying heavy concrete base. A striking cantilevered roof adds a touch of drama, serving as an iconic front porch that not only catches the eye from a distance but also beckons individuals to come together and partake in the shared experience.

In conclusion, the renovation and expansion of the Health Sciences and Student Resources Building at North Seattle College has successfully transformed the campus landscape, creating a central community gathering place. With its awe-inspiring atrium, versatile cafe, and thoughtful architectural design, this project exemplifies the commitment to fostering connections and collaboration within the college community.

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