Project's Summary

Vyonyx Ltd., an esteemed architectural studio, emerged victorious in a highly competitive contest to design the magnificent "Gospe od Otoka" Basilica in Solin, Croatia. Led by the talented team of Victor Vrecko, Vladin Petrov, Christian Flores-Nunez, Deyan Minchev, Nikolay Salutski, Alistair MacMillan, Thomas Spall, Mark La Frenais, Ivo Ruschev, and Freddy Castellano, Vyonyx showcased unparalleled creativity and expertise throughout the project.

The visionary minds at Vyonyx were supported by renowned liturgy consultant, Prof. Dr. Ivica Zizic, who provided invaluable insights to ensure the basilica's design harmonized seamlessly with its spiritual purpose. Additionally, the structural and civil engineering aspects were entrusted to the proficient team at Adam Kara Taylor, who brought their extensive experience and technical skills to the table.

Environmental sustainability and responsible design were key considerations for the Basilica project. To address these aspects, PHA Consult was engaged as the engineering and environmental design consultant. Their expertise and knowledge in sustainable development played a vital role in creating a structure that respects the environment while fulfilling its sacred purpose.

As part of the design process, physical models were created to accurately represent the beauty and grandeur of the Gospe od Otoka Basilica. Richard Threadgill Associates, known for their exceptional craftsmanship, meticulously crafted these models, providing a tangible glimpse into the future architectural masterpiece.

The Gospe od Otoka Basilica project by Vyonyx Ltd. promises to be a true testament to the studio's dedication and passion for architectural excellence. With a team of exceptional individuals and a commitment to sustainable design, Vyonyx is poised to create a spiritual sanctuary that will inspire and captivate all who visit. Stay tuned for more updates on this remarkable project.

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