Project's Summary

Quad Studio and Dalu Architecture Awarded First Runner Up for Chengdu Media City Project

In September 2021, QUAD studio collaborated with Dalu Architecture to participate in an international competition for a Media City in Chengdu Xinchuan Innovation and Technology Park. The project, located in the southern part of the Chengdu High Tech Zone, was designed with the next generation in mind, inspired by the influence of big data on their future lifestyle. The design was awarded first runner up and consists of 4 office towers, a service apartment, and retail podium spanning across 2 sites.

A Smart Mixed-Use Development Blurring the Lines between Nature, Medical Industry, New Media, and Big Data

The mixed-use development blurs the lines between Nature, Medical Industry, New media, Big Data, and a new retail experience. Located in South of Chengdu CBD in Xinchuan Innovation and Technology Park on the crossroads connecting to Metro Line 6 and future line 25, the project offers a new kind of retail experience. The project aims to create a series of immersive spaces for people to journey into social interaction.

Inspired by Pixel Manipulation

Pixels are the foundation of information, and inspired by this concept of pixel manipulation, QUAD studio created a media city by creating 3-dimensional objects based on these pixels. These objects cluster together, creating different functions and spaces. The shifting and displacing of objects create openings within the object massing for media and nature insertion.

A Future-Proof Design for the Next Generation

QUAD studio's design for the Chengdu Media City project is a future-proof design for the next generation. By blurring the lines between nature, technology, and social interaction, the project offers a new kind of retail experience, and a new vision for the future of urban development. The project's success in the international competition is a testament to QUAD studio's commitment to innovation and creativity, and their ability to design spaces that are both functional and beautiful.

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