Project's Summary

Revolutionizing Public Healthcare: The Geriatric Centre Donaustadt Project

Vienna's City Council has made it a priority to address the needs of its aging population by establishing adequate public healthcare institutions. The Geriatric Centre Donaustadt, designed by Delugan Meissl Associated Architects, is a prime example of this initiative. The concept for this residential care home is based on providing housing for individuals who require special spatial requirements due to age or illness. The Centre is not a medical institution in the conventional sense, but rather a community-oriented living space that encourages active participation in daily life.

Innovative Design for Enhanced Living Experience

The design of the Geriatric Centre Donaustadt is rooted in reorganizing the urbanistic conditions of the surrounding area to increase the use and quality of public spaces. The outer appearance of the building is solid and clear, with a continuation of characteristic materials used throughout the interior. The interior spaces provide manifold situations with a certain urban quality that enable the inhabitants to participate actively or passively in the community life. The use of these spaces can be individually adapted, giving residents the freedom to choose how they want to engage with others. The circumferential loggias offer a direct connection to the outside world, and two inner courtyards with mobile art installations provide additional visual stimulation.

A Dynamic Façade for Energy Efficiency

The Geriatric Centre Donaustadt's façade is designed to form surrounding loggia ranges using partly mobile wood, glass, and textile elements. This layering was chosen to optimize energy balance while also providing a dynamic aspect to the building's shape. The individual use of these spaces leads to a visible change in the façade, imparting a lively aspect to the entire building. Variable free spaces consisting of terraces, different garden zones with outdoor furnishing and paths, follow the architectural concept of engaging the users. Additionally, an easily accessible central service centre was created with consideration of the surrounding public circulation.

Balancing Privacy and Community Life

The Geriatric Centre Donaustadt project is a testament to the positive link between the privacy of everyday living within a geriatric centre and the surrounding city life outside. With its innovative design and community-oriented living spaces, this project is revolutionizing public healthcare in Vienna. It provides a model for how architects can create living spaces that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing, while also fostering a sense of community and connection to the wider world. The Geriatric Centre Donaustadt is a shining example of how healthcare institutions can be designed to enhance quality of life for their residents.