Project's Summary

The 6th St. Residence, located in the vibrant Newlands neighborhood of North Boulder, has undergone an impressive transformation. This architectural project, masterfully executed by the renowned bldg.collective architectural studio, involved an extensive remodel and addition to a three-bedroom house that was originally built in 1948. The aim was to modernize the spatial organization of the property while enhancing its energy efficiency and aesthetic appeal.

In order to achieve a more contemporary and functional layout, the vertical circulation, kitchen, and living room were strategically relocated to the main level. This clever design decision not only improved the flow of the house but also created a harmonious integration between the different living spaces. Additionally, a range of new features were introduced, including a master suite, dining room, family room, office, front porch, and a two-car garage. These additions not only expanded the living area but also added convenience and versatility to the residence.

To ensure optimal energy efficiency, the 6th St. Residence underwent a series of upgrades. A new high-efficiency mechanical system, complete with radiant in-floor heating, was installed, offering both comfort and sustainability. Furthermore, the insulation was improved throughout the property, minimizing heat loss and reducing energy consumption. These thoughtful enhancements not only contribute to a greener lifestyle but also result in lower utility bills for the homeowners.

The architectural design of the 6th St. Residence showcases a seamless blend of contemporary functionality and timeless elegance. With updated, modern finishes that complement the open floor plan and abundant natural light, the house exudes a welcoming and sophisticated ambiance. The carefully curated interior spaces create a harmonious environment that is perfect for both relaxation and entertaining.

In conclusion, the 6th St. Residence in North Boulder stands as a remarkable testament to the innovative design and meticulous craftsmanship of the bldg.collective architectural studio. By modernizing the spatial organization, enhancing energy efficiency, and incorporating contemporary finishes, this project has transformed a dated property into a stunning and highly functional family home. The careful attention to detail and commitment to sustainability make the 6th St. Residence a shining example of architectural excellence in the Newlands neighborhood.

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