Project's Summary

The 21st century has witnessed Korea emerge as the fastest developing country in Asia, with its trend-sensitive market serving as a testing ground for global corporations to launch new products. As the nation embraces an increasingly consumer-oriented lifestyle, the Korean housing market is also undergoing a rapid transformation. One notable project that exemplifies this shift is the G House, a residential prototype created by the Seukhoonkim architectural studio.

Originally built 23 years ago, the G House had been abandoned for the past eight years. The main objective of its remodeling was to merge the two separate units and create a new space composition that would cater to changing consumer needs. Taking the client's requirements into consideration, the architects developed an innovative and practical space layout.

When it came to the exterior design, the architects decided to retain some of the previous masonry walls, creating an intriguing contrast between the "old" and "new" elements that seamlessly blended together to form a unique space. The facade of the G House was meticulously designed using digital computation of louver module design, which corresponded harmoniously with the interior space.

To ensure the client's lifestyle seamlessly fit into this transformed space, a variety of space division strategies were employed throughout the "new" walls. This allowed for a flexible "space canvas" that could be adapted to meet the client's evolving needs. The G House project stands as a testament to the innovative and forward-thinking approach of the Seukhoonkim architectural studio.

In conclusion, as Korea continues its rapid development, the housing market is also evolving to meet the demands of a consumer-focused society. The G House project serves as a prime example of this transformation, with its renovation of an abandoned duplex house into a modern and functional living space. With its unique blend of old and new elements, and its thoughtful consideration of the client's needs, the G House showcases the potential of alternative residential prototypes in Korea's ever-changing landscape.

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