Project's Summary

Federal Way Performing Arts and Event Center: A Catalyst for Urban Vitality

In every city, there is an arts culture that often operates out of marginal facilities. However, the Federal Way Performing Arts and Event Center project aims to change that. Designed by LMN Architects, this 46,013-square-foot multi-functional center and adjacent civic park project is set to become the heart of urban vitality for a rapidly growing and diverse community.

A Sustainable Business Model

The project combines a 716-seat multipurpose performing arts theater, regional conference center, and future hotel co-development. This design allows for both public and private uses, leveraging market synergy and operational efficiency to provide a sustainable business model.

A Prominent Downtown Location

The center's design takes advantage of its prominent downtown location on a 4-acre site. The building introduces pedestrian connectivity to surrounding uses, and new public gathering areas for an active urban presence. Expansive windows on the south and west facades offer stunning views of downtown Federal Way and Mount Rainier, linking inside and outside activities, while celebrating their natural setting. A flexible outdoor public space connects the center to the recently completed Town Center Park.

A Civic Asset for the Community

The Federal Way Performing Arts and Event Center represents a hybrid typology—a merging of theater and conference center that strikes a balance between the needs of both while enabling each to function independently. Wendy Pautz, AIA, Partner at LMN Architects, notes that this project is about integrating and connecting with the community, catalyzing activity in and around the building, and focusing new energy to positively impact the public realm. With the transformative power of the arts, the center creates a civic asset that supports the cultural, social, and economic aspirations of the community—a place that will become essential to those who live here.

In conclusion, the Federal Way Performing Arts and Event Center project is a vital addition to the city's cultural and economic landscape. Its multi-functional design and prominent location make it a hub for community activity, while its sustainable business model ensures its longevity. As the center grows and evolves, it will continue to enrich the public experience and fulfill the civic ambition for the arts to serve as a catalyst for urban reinvention.

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