Project's Summary

During the summer of 2013, the Edison Board of Education embarked on several projects, one of which was the renovation of the James Madison Primary School in Edison Township. Solutions Architecture, an esteemed architectural studio, was tasked with repurposing the existing library into a modern and inviting media center. The result was a bright and open-plan space that fostered independent learning and provided a serene environment for focused study.

To create a welcoming atmosphere, the design incorporated carpet flooring tiles and a palette of soft, warm colors. The aim was to minimize distractions and encourage students to immerse themselves in their studies. A low book stack dividing partition was cleverly used to separate the space into two distinct areas. The traditional reading area, with seating for up to 20, provided a cozy spot for students to delve into books and explore the world of literature.

In addition to the reading area, the media center boasted 18 computer workstations. This integration of technology allowed students to enhance their learning experience by accessing online resources, conducting research, and honing their digital skills. With the ever-increasing importance of technology in education, this addition to the media center was a valuable asset for students and teachers alike.

Recognizing the importance of personalized instruction, Solutions Architecture also created three small group instruction classrooms/reading rooms within the media center. These spaces were designed to provide a more attentive setting for students to interact one-on-one with their teachers. Whether it was for extra guidance, clarification, or simply a quiet place for focused study, these classrooms offered a refuge for students seeking individualized attention.

The Edison TWP Library Renovation at James Madison Primary School project was a resounding success thanks to the innovative design by Solutions Architecture. The transformation of the existing library into a modern media center not only improved the aesthetics of the space but also created an environment conducive to learning and exploration. With its inviting atmosphere, state-of-the-art technology, and dedicated spaces for personalized instruction, the renovated media center at James Madison Primary School became a hub of knowledge and inspiration for the students of Edison Township.

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