Project's Summary

The Duke of Montrose: A Whiskey Bar Designed with Innovation in Mind

When it comes to interior design, it takes a creative mind to turn an ordinary space into an extraordinary one. The Duke of Montrose is a whiskey bar in Brooklyn that stands out not only for its drinks but also for its unique design. The project was designed by Taylor and Miller Architecture and built by one of the bar's owners, Steve Owen, who brought innovation to the forefront.

The Herringbone Pattern in 3D

The Duke of Montrose is not your typical bar. The project is based on the idea of taking a two-dimensional pattern and bringing it to life in three-dimensional space. The herringbone pattern, which is commonly used on basketball courts, was the inspiration behind the design. However, instead of using traditional materials, the individual units of the pattern are basic pine 2x4s. This allowed for continuous curvature to be created, which brought a unique and modern twist to the classic pattern.

Data-Driven Architectural Representation

The construction of the Duke of Montrose was also used as an exploration of data-driven architectural representation. This involved a collaboration between the designer and builder/owner, where the 2x4 units that make up the topological curves were noted as simple numbers. These numbers dictated how far out of the wall surface the units came and where in the herringbone pattern the units 'reset' themselves in relationship to the ceiling datum line. This system was designed to allow for adjustments to be made on site without input from the design team. The result is an interesting combination of system and improvisation that brings a unique touch to the project.

Creating a Space with Character

The Duke of Montrose is more than just a bar. It's a space with character that was created through the innovative use of design and materials. The herringbone pattern, combined with the use of pine 2x4s, brought a new dimension to the space. The data-driven architectural representation allowed for flexibility in construction and added a touch of improvisation. This project is a great example of how creativity and innovation can come together to create something truly amazing.

In conclusion, the Duke of Montrose is a whiskey bar that stands out from the crowd. Its unique design and use of materials make it a one-of-a-kind space. The collaboration between the designer and builder/owner allowed for flexibility in construction and added a touch of improvisation to the project. The Duke of Montrose is a great example of how innovation can bring new life to an old idea.

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