Project's Summary

GrizForm Design Architects, in collaboration with restaurateur Mark Kuller, has taken a unique approach in designing the Doi Moi and lower level lounge 2 Birds 1 Stone. Departing from the conventional nostalgia-driven restaurant scene in Washington DC, the team aimed to create a contemporary and refreshing atmosphere.

The design of Doi Moi and 2 Birds 1 Stone revolves around a clean and bright aesthetic. Using a white color palette, the space is adorned with clean lines, glazed tiles, white brickwork, and mosaic flooring. This minimalist approach allows the focus to be on the light, Vietnamese and Thai street food-inspired fare served at Doi Moi. The overall design seamlessly complements the cuisine offered, providing an uplifting and inviting environment.

To add pops of color and personality to the space, the design team incorporated custom wooden shelving, displaying an eclectic mix of decorative pieces from Asia, such as Vietnamese water puppets. Additionally, a vibrant mix of concrete tiles covers a back wall, further enhancing the visual appeal of the space. These carefully curated elements create an atmosphere that is both contemporary and culturally rich.

Moving to the lower level lounge, 2 Birds 1 Stone, GrizForm Design Architects maintained the same bright and cool ambiance found in the ground floor eatery. A local DC artist was commissioned to create a customized wall mural, adding a touch of artistic flair to the space. The lounge also features a live edge wooden bartop and comfortable lounge seating, creating a relaxed and inviting atmosphere for patrons to enjoy.

The collaboration between GrizForm Design Architects and Mark Kuller has successfully flipped the notion of nostalgia on its head. By forgoing the traditional design approach seen in many DC restaurants, Doi Moi and 2 Birds 1 Stone stand out from the crowd. With their clean and contemporary aesthetic, these spaces offer a refreshing departure from the norm, providing a visually stimulating and inviting experience for patrons.