Project's Summary

The Curlew Residence project, led by Ergo Architecture, was initiated by the homeowner's desire to add an 800SF second-story addition to their existing bungalow. With a need for more space and a wish to capitalize on the partial city and bay views, the owners were excited to embark on this transformation. However, their enthusiasm was dampened by the obstructed views caused by their neighboring two-story house. Nonetheless, Ergo Architecture found a creative solution: they decided to build where the view truly existed!

To overcome the challenge of obscured vistas, the architects proposed constructing a striking tower in front of the existing home. This innovative design allowed for the extension of the living area at the back, resulting in panoramic views of the city and bay from the primary spaces. By ingeniously looking around and over the neighboring property, the residents can now revel in commanding views that were previously unimaginable.

Ergo Architecture's approach to the Curlew Residence project showcases their ability to think outside the box and transform limitations into opportunities. Rather than settling for a compromised outcome, the team found a way to create an awe-inspiring structure that perfectly captures the surrounding views. The tower not only serves as a functional addition, but also as a striking architectural feature that enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of the residence.

The Curlew Residence stands as a testament to Ergo Architecture's commitment to delivering innovative and client-centric designs. By understanding the owner's vision and utilizing their expertise, the architectural studio has succeeded in creating a harmonious blend of functionality and beauty. The transformed living spaces now offer a seamless connection to the picturesque surroundings, allowing the homeowners to fully embrace and appreciate their breathtaking environment.

In summary, the Curlew Residence project by Ergo Architecture showcases their ability to overcome challenges and deliver outstanding designs. By strategically building a tower that captures the unobstructed views, the homeowners can now enjoy commanding panoramic vistas of the city and bay. This project exemplifies the studio's commitment to client satisfaction and their talent for creating remarkable architectural solutions. Ergo Architecture has once again proven their expertise in transforming spaces and enhancing the lives of their clients through innovative design.

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