Project's Summary

Community Chevrolet, a family-owned dealership, has recently undergone a remarkable transformation thanks to the expertise of John Kaliski Architects (JKA). The dealership recognized the need for a rehabilitation and addition to their outdated 1960s facility, which was no longer in compliance with brand standards, contemporary dealer operations, building systems, and seismic standards. In addition, the dealership sought JKA's guidance in reviewing General Motors' schematic building plans to ensure cost-effective improvements.

After conducting a thorough assessment of the facility and its operations, JKA proposed a reconfiguration of the additions suggested by General Motors. This innovative approach aimed to establish a direct connection between the sales and service write-up zones while significantly reducing the initially proposed square footage of additions. As a result, the existing space was utilized more efficiently, leading to substantial cost savings for Community Chevrolet. JKA's design also incorporated the installation of a new service canopy aligned with the showroom, creating a harmonious and interconnected environment between these vital areas. Furthermore, an "L" shaped customer-waiting lounge and service write-up zone were strategically placed between these program areas, forming a captivating landscaped outdoor courtyard. This inviting space serves as an amenity for both customers and employees, enhancing their experience at the dealership.

The implemented design by JKA encompassed various elements, including the replacement of building systems, seismic upgrades, addition of perimeter landscaping, new signage, and specification of fixtures, furniture, and interior and exterior finishes, all in compliance with Chevrolet brand standards. The result is a seamless and transparent flow at all customer touchpoints, elevating the sales and service experience. Simultaneously, the project achieved a brand-compliant environment that optimizes program efficiency, employee workflow, and overall costs. Community Chevrolet has truly become a modern, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing dealership.

The collaboration between Community Chevrolet and JKA has demonstrated the power of innovative architectural design in transforming outdated spaces into contemporary and functional environments. The project not only meets the dealership's needs but also enhances the experience of customers and employees alike. With its commitment to excellence, JKA continues to make a significant impact in the field of architecture, creating spaces that inspire and connect people.

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