Project's Summary

The Omotesando street in Japan thrives on its dynamic atmosphere, and it is upon this energy that a remarkable building emerges. Conceived by the renowned architectural studio, ZUM, this 13-storey structure, accompanied by a two-level basement boasting ten parking spaces, stands as a testament to the artistry of Japanese handwriting. The building's design draws inspiration from the bustling street, where visibility is key and being seen is as important as seeing.

As one enters the building, they are greeted by a grand double-height space that houses the entrance hall, a souvenir shop, and a temporary exhibition area on the ground floor. Two public lifts, along with a freight elevator, provide access to all levels, while a central emergency stair shaft serves as the main structural element. The car park, ingeniously, can be reached via a freight elevator, ensuring efficient use of space.

Moving up to the first floor, visitors are welcomed by a vast exhibition room, featuring an interior balcony that overlooks the entrance hall below. The second floor accommodates one of the three urban balconies and the administrative spaces of the museum. From the third to the tenth floor, one can explore various permanent exhibition rooms, with the seventh floor offering a small exterior balcony for moments of relaxation. The eleventh floor houses a runway, complete with a seating area and backstage premises. This double-height space seamlessly merges the interior and exterior, providing a balcony from which fashion enthusiasts can witness captivating fashion shows. Finally, at the zenith of the building, the thirteenth floor unveils a sky bar adorned with a counter and a serene Japanese garden.

The building's exterior exudes elegance through its choice of materials. Dark pigmented concrete is harmoniously combined with aluminum and green glass panels to create a captivating facade. The structural concept revolves around a central concrete lift shaft, with metallic slabs connecting to the exterior concrete walls, forming a visually striking symphony of materials.

The Omotesando project, crafted by ZUM architectural studio, not only pays homage to the artistry of Japanese handwriting but also seamlessly blends with the vibrant ambiance of the street. It stands tall as a beacon of creativity and innovation, captivating all who pass by.

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