Project's Summary

Connecting Communities: Het Anker Community Centre in Zwolle

MoederscheimMoonen Architects has recently completed the Cultuurcentrum Het Anker, a new community centre in Zwolle, the Netherlands. The 3,000 m² complex on the outskirts of the city connects the Westenholte and Stadshagen districts and features various multi-purpose halls, a community centre with hospitality facilities, and an open plan sports centre with education facilities.

Designing for Connection

According to architect Erik Moederscheim, one of the primary challenges in the project was to create a building that would connect with a large and diverse group of users. The design needed to be very transparent and accessible to cater to the large groups of users who engage in sports activities and musical and cultural events. Above all, the building needed to serve as a true meeting area where locals would drop by on weekdays to meet other people.

Folding Open: The Building's Striking Roof

The building takes advantage of the height differences found at the site, with a considerable share of the complex situated below ground. In response, the complex seems to almost literally fold open thanks to its striking roof, which opens out onto the key public zones. The zig-zag line of the roof edge is one of the building’s most characteristic features, making the green roof the landmark element of this design.

Creating a Stately Quality

The facade design plays a major role in the experience of the building’s interior, with the deep vertical columns along its exterior determining the visual connection with what lies inside. The facade also lends the building a stately quality and improves its interaction with the surrounding landscape. With its grand entrance area and accessible design, Cultuurcentrum Het Anker serves as a true community hub for Zwolle.

In conclusion, MoederscheimMoonen Architects has created a building that connects various communities and serves as a true meeting area for locals. With its striking roof and stately facade, the Cultuurcentrum Het Anker is a landmark element of the Zwolle landscape.

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