Project's Summary

The Cloche Sofa is an extraordinary masterpiece that seamlessly combines elements of urban life with artistic brilliance. Created by the renowned architectural studio, Carlo Sampietro, this body of work transforms discarded objects into stunning works of art, redefining the boundaries of design.

Drawing inspiration from the evolution of landscapes, the Cloche Sofa breaks free from established structural norms and embraces a unique approach to construction materials. Found objects that have outlived their original purpose are meticulously repurposed and renovated, giving them a new lease on life. This process of transformation breathes new meaning into these common objects, turning them into captivating amalgams of art and functionality.

The first prototype of the Cloche Sofa was a striking urban sculpture crafted from a New York sewage pipe. Transformed into a fully-functional modular sofa, this unique creation featured Copper framework and luxurious Gold Velvet seats. The tube itself was adorned with Plexiglas sides illuminated by mesmerizing LED lights. The addition of LED side panels and a conic base further accentuated the tube's shape, creating a truly remarkable piece of furniture.

Building upon the success of the initial prototype, subsequent iterations of the Cloche Sofa were brought to life. A life-sized version made from Walnut showcased the sofa and armchair configuration, exuding an air of sophistication. A stainless steel prototype, birch prototype, and a white lacquered finish prototype of an oversized sofa and armchair followed suit, each adding a distinct touch to this exceptional collection. Currently, the studio is also working on incorporating concrete and PVC pipes into their evolving landscape design.

Looking ahead, Carlo Sampietro envisions further experimentation with materials to enhance the Cloche Sofa's aesthetic appeal. The artist aspires to create installations using cylindrical forms found in existing construction materials or the natural environment, such as concrete, marble, and birch tree bark. Through this innovative exploration, the hybrid functionality of the Cloche Sofa becomes almost imperceptible at first glance, seamlessly blending into its surroundings.

The Cloche Sofa project is a testament to Carlo Sampietro's artistic vision and skill. By repurposing discarded materials, this masterpiece breathes new life into the mundane, transforming them into exquisite objets d’art. As the evolution of this landscape design continues, the possibilities are boundless. With each creation, the Cloche Sofa pushes the boundaries of design, captivating and inspiring all who encounter it.

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