Carlo Sampietro, Artist: Exploring Cultural Issues through Art

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I am Carlo Sampietro, a mixed media artist dedicated to raising public awareness by visually showcasing cultural issues. My artistic process involves keen observation, where I delve into the intricate complexities of culturally rooted traditions and social matters that greatly influence and shape people's lives.

To gain a deeper understanding, I extensively study various aspects, such as landscape evolution, human preconceptions, the utilization of natural resources, and the similarities and differences found within societies, cultures, and cities. Armed with this knowledge, I then translate my findings into captivating multimedia and found-object installation art.

One of the key elements of my artwork is repurposing found materials. This approach enables me to present complex social issues to the public from a fresh perspective. By selecting the appropriate medium for each artwork, I ensure that my message resonates effectively with the specific audience I aim to connect with.

Central to my creative exploration is the examination of the relationships between objects, their intended purposes, and their potential. I view these relationships as a metaphor for the human condition. Through my art, I seek to shed light on the intricate connections we have with the objects around us, as well as the implications and symbolism they hold within the broader context of society and culture.

In conclusion, my work as a mixed media artist revolves around raising public awareness by visually demonstrating cultural issues. By observing and analyzing the complexities of traditions and social matters, I translate my findings into thought-provoking multimedia and found-object installations. Through repurposing materials and exploring the relationships between objects, I aim to present social issues from unique angles and engage audiences in a deeper understanding of the human condition.

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