Project's Summary

The Bessborough residence, located in the Notre-Dame-de-GrĂ¢ce district of Montreal, is undergoing a remarkable transformation. The project aims to completely renovate the ground floor of a duplex that dates back to the 1950s. The challenge faced by the architects at _naturehumaine architectural studio was to open up the 900-ft2 space while still maintaining a sense of spatial division.

To address this challenge, the architects devised an innovative architectural concept built around three distinct "blocks." These volumes not only define the space but also play with the notion of walls. At the center of the design, a striking black volume serves as a circulation area and acts as a filter between different functions. This volume introduces a new staircase and employs a clever use of transparency, alternating between full and empty spaces through the clever integration of glass, steel rods, and MDF panels.

Another key element of the design is the wooden volume, which brings a sense of warmth to the entire space. This volume houses a library on one side and a walk-in closet adjacent to the master bedroom on the other. Its organic feel and natural materiality provide a counterpoint to the sleekness of the other elements. Additionally, a sleek grey volume discreetly conceals various service functions as well as the bathroom, further enhancing the overall minimalist aesthetic.

To reinforce the abstract nature of the project, the choice of furniture and lighting follows a minimalist approach. The carefully selected pieces echo the palette of textures composed of concrete, wood, and steel. This intentional design decision creates a harmonious and cohesive environment that allows the architectural elements to take center stage.

The Bessborough residence project by _naturehumaine architectural studio is a testament to the power of thoughtful design and strategic spatial planning. Through the clever use of volumes and materials, the architects have successfully transformed a dated duplex into a modern and functional living space. The attention to detail and minimalist approach create an atmosphere that is both aesthetically pleasing and highly livable. This project serves as a shining example of how architectural design can elevate and enhance the way we experience our homes.

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