Project's Summary

Revolutionizing Regional Healthcare: The New Bendigo Hospital

Bates Smart and Silver Thomas Hanley have created a masterpiece in the form of the new Bendigo Hospital. This $AUD 630 million project is the largest regional hospital development in Victoria, providing world-class healthcare facilities. The project aims to deliver a welcoming, holistic, and positive environment that promotes wellbeing.

More Than Just a Hospital: Features of the Bendigo Project

The Bendigo Hospital project goes beyond the hospital itself, offering a range of facilities. These include retail, a childcare centre, and a hotel. The hospital's tranquil and caring environment is created by integrating architecture, landscaping, health planning, and evidence-based design. The project is inspired by Bendigo's architectural vernacular and natural environment, with a holistic approach to healthcare.

A Building That Connects With Nature

The building's fa├žade is a work of art, consisting of a pattern of glass panels with increased reflectivity. The windows glisten and mirror the surrounding natural landscape, making the building more inviting. The biophilic ethos of the building is enhanced by the inclusion of three native trees at the hospital entrance. Additionally, a rooftop garden visible from inside the mental health ward provides a visual connection to nature.

Creating Tranquillity: The Hospital's Interior

The hospital's interior is designed to provide a sense of warmth and enhance the wellbeing of patients, visitors, and staff. A bespoke and intimately woven timber ceiling runs between the hospital's two entrances. The woven pattern filters daylight from the skylights above, providing an ever-changing dappled light effect. The use of timber adds to the hospital's overall sense of tranquillity.

In Conclusion

The Bendigo Hospital project is a key milestone for central Victoria, serving the region well into the future. The project is a testament to the collaboration between Bates Smart and Silver Thomas Hanley. The new Bendigo Hospital offers an environment that promotes healing and wellbeing, creating a new standard for regional healthcare.

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