Project's Summary

Belmar Urban Apartments: A Model of Smart Growth

Belmar Urban Apartments, located in the heart of the Belmar town center in Lakewood, Colorado, is a shining example of smart growth. Developed by the Van Meter Williams Pollack architectural studio, this project is a part of the redevelopment of a former regional shopping mall. The Belmar town center is a masterplan that emphasizes pedestrian activity and public space, while keeping cars hidden from the public view in garages and parking courts behind buildings.

A Mix of Building Types and Neighborhoods

The guidelines for the Belmar town center included design standards, building prototypes, and urban design concepts for a variety of neighborhoods and building types. The Belmar Urban Apartments are a part of this mix, offering apartments over storefronts, townhouses, live-work space, small garden court buildings, and senior housing. This diversity of buildings and neighborhoods creates a vibrant community that attracts residents from all walks of life.

Award-Winning Design

The Belmar Urban Apartments project has received numerous awards for its innovative design and commitment to smart growth. In 2005, it received the EPA Award for Smart Growth Achievement, followed by the ULI Award for Excellence in 2006. The project also won the CNU Charter Award in 2006, which recognizes projects that promote walkable, mixed-use neighborhoods and sustainable urban design.

A Sustainable Future

The Belmar Urban Apartments project is a testament to the potential of smart growth. By creating a vibrant, pedestrian-friendly community with diverse housing options, the project has become a model for sustainable urban design. As cities across the country look for ways to create livable, walkable neighborhoods, the Belmar town center and Belmar Urban Apartments offer a blueprint for success.

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