Project's Summary

Session Kitchen is a unique restaurant that beautifully combines art, culture, community, food, and music. The design of the restaurant is inspired by twelve captivating installations created by a hand-picked group of global artists. These installations serve as the cornerstone of the dining experience, transforming the space into a gallery-like environment that celebrates creativity.

The interior design of Session Kitchen seamlessly brings together three distinct bar areas and two exclusive dining spaces across two levels within its expansive 4,000 sq. ft. dining area. To create a cohesive atmosphere, the architects have cleverly incorporated materials and furnishings from urban, natural, and built environments. By repurposing, combining, and arranging these elements, they have given the space a distinct character.

Each bar area features its own unique design. The main bar boasts a face adorned with random length and width rectangular concrete pavers, adding a touch of modern elegance. In the main dining area, banquet seats reminiscent of city park benches provide a comfortable and inviting seating arrangement. The intimate Session Bar, on the other hand, features a floor and bar face lined with end grain wood block tiles, creating a warm and cozy ambiance. Upstairs, the bar is enveloped in hot rolled steel, complemented by a woven steel mesh ceiling. The rough-cut wood blocks supporting the shelving behind the bar add a rustic charm, while the artwork adds a vibrant splash of color and scale.

The architects of Session Kitchen have not only designed the interior of the restaurant but have also contributed three unique art pieces. One of these remarkable creations is a ceiling sculpture suspended over the main bar. Working in collaboration with LumiGeek lighting engineers and artist Jen Lewin, the architects have crafted a masterpiece that embodies the themes of movement, energy, and emotion. This stunning sculpture consists of 450 fluorescent tubes illuminated by 900 feet of point-controlled LED tape. The computer-controlled clusters of light constantly morph and change, creating an immersive and dynamic atmosphere that enhances the overall dining experience.

In summary, Session Kitchen is an extraordinary restaurant that seamlessly melds together the realms of art, culture, community, food, and music. Through the use of twelve awe-inspiring installations, the architects have created a gallery-like space that captivates and inspires. The interior design effortlessly blends materials and furnishings from different environments, resulting in a harmonious and inviting atmosphere. The addition of unique art pieces, including a mesmerizing ceiling sculpture, adds an extra layer of creativity and wonder to this remarkable establishment.

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