Project's Summary

The new store of R.S.V.P. BERLIN is located near Hackesche Höfe in Berlin Mitte. This store is an extension of the original store, which was established in the same street back in 2001. R.S.V.P. specializes in providing a wide range of fine Japanese and European paper, writing materials sourced from all over the world, and unique small-scale multiples created by international artists and designers. Many of the products available at R.S.V.P. are exclusive to the store, making it a destination for those seeking unique and high-quality stationery items.

The building in which the new store is housed was constructed in the late 19th century and has been marked for preservation. To maintain the historic integrity of the space while creating something new, the architects at YOLKSTUDIO devised a concept that involved constructing a second transparent shell within the existing interior. This new construction would stand as a separate and distinctive object within the space. To achieve this, a grid of linear wooden elements, comprised of wooden strips, was used. This not only resolved functional and aesthetic requirements but also added a touch of modernity to the historical building.

The wooden network of nodes, combined with surfaces made of Pine plywood panels, ensured the structural integrity of the new construction. Interestingly, a portion of the timber frame was assembled without the use of nails, screws, or glue. Instead, traditional carpentry techniques were employed, relying on wooden joints that have been used for centuries. This blending of traditional and contemporary construction methods adds a unique touch to the store's overall design.

The architectural composition of the store was inspired by Zen gardens, which convey a sense of unseen unity and simplicity, surpassing the complexity of their form. In a similar vein, the timber frame of the store grows around the interior space, unifying the room and providing an elevated platform to showcase the fine paper products. This compositional tool not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the store but also allows for better promotion and display of the products.

To further enhance the overall ambiance, the store incorporates light objects that are seamlessly integrated into the wooden grid. LED linestra lamps have been utilized for all the luminaires, ensuring a warm and inviting atmosphere for customers.

During the creative reconstruction of the store, the architects at YOLKSTUDIO drew inspiration from the study of traditional Japanese Wooden Frame Construction Methods and the furniture work of G. T. Rietveld. These influences have played a pivotal role in the unique design and execution of the R.S.V.P. BERLIN store, creating a space that seamlessly blends tradition with contemporary aesthetics.

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