Project's Summary

The Pingree Theater lobby, designed by the renowned architectural studio ARCA Design, is undergoing an exciting renovation project. This double-height space not only serves as a thoroughfare but also acts as a study area for students, with various receptions taking place throughout the year. The upgrade to this space is defined by four key components that aim to enhance its functionality and aesthetics.

Firstly, the floor expansion is a significant aspect of the renovation. The new floor will extend into the existing overlook space, reaching all the way to the back wall. By increasing the floor area, more room will be created for interior gatherings, benefiting students who use it as a hangout or study area, as well as visitors to the Pingree Theater. This expansion will greatly enhance the overall capacity of the lobby.

Secondly, a multifunctional rail is proposed to preserve the existing qualities of the space while adding versatility. This rail will serve as a countertop for students to work on, a gathering space for receptions, and an overlook point. Its multifaceted nature ensures that it caters to the needs of various users, making the lobby a dynamic and adaptable environment.

The third component of the renovation project focuses on creating display space. Recognizing the importance of showcasing artwork and the desire to utilize wall space effectively, the architects propose cutting away sections of the existing wall. These recesses will provide distinct display locations for artwork, adding an artistic touch to the lobby and creating a visually stimulating environment for all who pass through.

Lastly, lighting plays a pivotal role in the revitalization of the Pingree Theater lobby. A unique "chandelier" constructed of wooden framing and track lighting will be suspended from the existing wood trusses. This innovative lighting installation not only illuminates the space but also defines a new plane within the lobby, creating a sense of a lower ceiling. The combination of natural and artificial lighting will enhance the ambiance and highlight the architectural features of the renovated lobby.

The Pingree Theater lobby renovation project, conceptualized by ARCA Design, is set to transform this space into a vibrant and functional area for students and visitors alike. With its expanded floor, multifunctional rail, designated display spaces, and captivating lighting, the lobby will provide an inviting and inspiring atmosphere. This ambitious undertaking will undoubtedly elevate the overall experience of the theater and enrich the lives of those who frequent this dynamic space.

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