Project's Summary

The Performance Lake at Wynn Macau, a mesmerizing creation by the renowned WET architectural studio, stands as a captivating attraction that brings joy and fascination to hotel guests and visitors alike. Situated at the entrance grounds and nearby boulevard, this majestic water feature commands attention with its vibrant and dynamic expressions.

As one approaches the hotel, they are greeted by the performers of the lake, which include lofty plumes of water and fire, graceful streams, and dazzling bursts of color and light. These elements dance gracefully to the music that permeates the lush surroundings of the lake, creating a truly enchanting experience for all who witness it.

Beneath the serene surface of the lake lies a complex water feature comprising over 370 water nozzles and shooters, 1,540 individually controlled colored lights, and seven imposing fire experiences. The clever combination of these elements allows for a choreographic masterpiece that can convey a wide range of moods, rhythms, and emotions. From delicate variations to surreal moments and even dramatic events, the fountain has the ability to interpret and perform to various musical styles.

The water elements of the Performance Lake are a sight to behold. From lyrical sweeps to precise vertical jets, they emerge from the basin to capture both the subtlety and grandeur of the accompanying music. The addition of programmable lights adds yet another layer of emotion, washing the movements in a breathtaking tapestry of colors. Additionally, bursts of fire punctuate the choreography during passionate phrases, infusing the experience with primal heat, light, and immediate impact.

The selection of musical works chosen by Mr. Wynn for the fountain's performance is diverse and eclectic. Ranging from classical pieces to popular music and Broadway show tunes, each musical choice adds its own unique character to the rich and dynamic collection of performances in water, light, color, and fire. This artistic fusion creates an immersive encounter that captivates and inspires, leaving visitors with a lasting memory of elation and joy.

To witness the Performance Lake at Wynn Macau is to immerse oneself in a sea of beauty, wonder, and emotion. This extraordinary creation by the WET architectural studio transcends mere entertainment, becoming a deeply personal and unforgettable experience. With its commanding presence and mesmerizing displays, the Performance Lake continues to enchant and awe those who have the privilege to witness its extraordinary performances.