Project's Summary

Our Animals Project: A Delightful Blend of Design and Nature

Every spring, as nature comes alive with vibrant colors and soothing melodies, small families of rabbits can be seen proliferating throughout the landscape. These enchanting creatures, with their adorable antics and endearing personalities, have long captured the hearts of many. It is during these moments when the young rabbits emerge, overcoming their shyness, that the team at Kokili Projects architectural studio found inspiration for their latest design endeavor.

Drawing from the beauty and innocence of these young rabbits, Kokili Projects created their initial design - the bunny. This charming creation serves a dual purpose, as it can hold a picture frame, an electronic tablet, or simply sit as a delightful memento. The bunny design encapsulates the essence of spring, evoking feelings of joy and warmth in anyone who encounters it.

However, the team at Kokili Projects did not stop at just one design. As they delved deeper into their creative journey, additional creatures emerged to join the enchanting world of Our Animals. One such creature is the adorable mouse. Perfectly suited to hold a phone, business cards, or smaller photo frames, the mouse design adds a touch of whimsy and functionality to any space. Its petite size and charming features make it an ideal companion for those seeking a unique and versatile piece of design.

Another delightful addition to the Our Animals project is the graceful deer. With its slender form and majestic presence, the deer design holds larger, vertically oriented frames and electronic tablets with ease. The deer's elegant posture and intricate details make it a captivating centerpiece in any setting. Its ability to seamlessly blend nature-inspired design with practicality showcases the ingenuity of Kokili Projects in crafting pieces that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

The Our Animals project by Kokili Projects architectural studio is a testament to the harmonious blend of design and nature. By taking inspiration from the moments when young rabbits emerge from their hiding places, the team has created a collection of endearing creatures that bring joy and functionality into our lives. Whether it's the bunny, the mouse, or the deer, each creation offers a unique experience, allowing us to appreciate the wonders of nature in our everyday surroundings.

In conclusion, Kokili Projects' Our Animals project is a celebration of the beauty of nature and design. Through their innovative approach, they have managed to create a collection of charming creatures that serve not only as decorative pieces but also as functional holders for various items. The bunny, mouse, and deer designs embody the spirit of spring, capturing the essence of joy and warmth. As we welcome the arrival of these delightful creatures into our lives, we are reminded of the magic that can be found when design and nature intertwine harmoniously.

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