Project's Summary

The Wanamassa Elementary School, part of the Ocean Twp Public Schools, has undergone a remarkable transformation in recent years. As the school expanded, it became evident that additional classrooms and a new gymnasium were necessary. Prior to the completion of this much-needed addition, gym classes were held in the auditorium, and the school had no dedicated cafeteria. However, with the construction of a separate gymnasium, the auditorium has now been repurposed as a spacious cafeteria.

To ensure that the new addition seamlessly blended with the existing building, the Solutions Architecture architectural studio was brought in to design the project. The team successfully incorporated elements that maintained the context of the original structure while also incorporating a more contemporary style in the new entry lobby and gymnasium. This careful balance between honoring tradition and embracing modernity has resulted in a harmonious architectural composition.

The expansion project encompassed various aspects, including the addition of classrooms and art/music rooms. The existing multipurpose room was also renovated to serve as the new cafeteria, providing students with a dedicated space to enjoy their meals. In terms of site work, upgrades were made to the playground and parking areas, enhancing the overall functionality of the school grounds.

In addition to these improvements, the school also underwent HVAC upgrades, specifically the replacement of unit ventilators. This ensures a more efficient and comfortable environment for both students and staff. Furthermore, a state-of-the-art sound amplification system was installed, benefiting the entire school community. These enhancements not only contribute to a better learning experience but also create a more welcoming and inclusive atmosphere within the school.

The Wanamassa Elementary School's expansion and renovation project represents a significant investment in the education and well-being of its students. With the expertise of the Solutions Architecture studio, the school now boasts additional classrooms, a modern gymnasium, and a revamped cafeteria. The seamless integration of the new addition with the existing building showcases a thoughtful architectural design. The upgrades to the playground, parking areas, HVAC system, and sound amplification system further enhance the overall learning environment. This project stands as a testament to the commitment of the Ocean Twp Public Schools to provide the best possible educational facilities for their students.

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