Project's Summary

The Oasis Ice Cream Shop, a project created by the renowned architectural studio whitelakewhitelake, showcases an innovative approach to engineering equipment. Traditionally, equipment is often concealed or left plainly visible, creating a disconnect between the functional aspects of a building and its spatial qualities. However, in the Oasis project, the necessary equipment for maintaining specific climatic conditions takes center stage and becomes an integral part of the architectural design.

By grouping the outdoor units of the cooling system into a single 'unit' on the 'technical' facade, the equipment transforms from a hidden group of objects to a prominent architectural element. This design choice not only adds aesthetic value but also serves as a clear indication of the function of the space. In the case of Oasis, the ice cream shop, the technological components determine the purpose of the establishment. Moreover, an artificial pond filled with water from the condensate of the air conditioning system further enhances the unique atmosphere of the place.

The concept of a single 'unit' extends beyond the exterior facade and into the interior of the shop. Inside, customers are greeted with a showcase filled with delectable ice cream treats. This interior element serves as the opposite facade, perfectly complementing the function of the space. The integration of the equipment into the overall design creates a harmonious and cohesive environment, where every aspect works together to enhance the customer experience.

The Oasis Ice Cream Shop project not only showcases the creativity and ingenuity of whitelakewhitelake architectural studio but also highlights the potential for engineering equipment to become an integral part of a building's design. By reimagining the conventional approach to equipment placement, the project demonstrates how functional elements can be transformed into architectural features that contribute to the quality and ambiance of a space. The Oasis Ice Cream Shop stands as a testament to the power of innovative design thinking and the seamless integration of technology in creating unique and engaging experiences for visitors.

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