Project's Summary

Nowa Huta of the Future: A Bold Vision for a Rebirth

Nowa Huta, once a thriving steelworks complex, has seen a decline in recent years. However, amidst the ruins, nature has started to reclaim the land, with trees, shrubs, and grasslands emerging and intertwining with the remnants of industrial buildings. This juxtaposition of man-made structures and organic greenery has inspired a visionary masterplan that celebrates the fusion of these contrasting forces.

The masterplan envisions the creation of a regional park, with interconnected open spaces that resemble the flames of the steelworks furnaces. This park will not only pay homage to the area's industrial heritage but also serve as a symbol of rebirth for the modern age. The plan also emphasizes the preservation and creative reuse of existing industrial buildings, retaining their historical significance while incorporating cutting-edge modern architectural forms.

Environmental sustainability is a key focus of the masterplan, with an emphasis on energy efficiency, renewables, recycling, and environmentally friendly lifestyles. The layout of the new communities will prioritize high-quality living and working opportunities, with essential facilities within walking distance. The area will also boast an excellent and efficient public transport network, ensuring easy accessibility for residents and workers.

The urban fabric of Nowa Huta of the Future will be a blend of mixed-use buildings, combining old and new in a cohesive street grid. This grainy, diverse architecture will provide flexibility and encourage artistic expression and experimentation. Each urban quarter will have its own identity and a mix of activities, ranging from vibrant central neighborhoods to quieter residential suburbs.

The masterplan envisions a medium-rise urban form, maintaining a human scale while incorporating taller marker buildings at key points for spectacular views. The existing buildings and cooling towers will be retained within Solidarity Square, a major public space that honors the role of the steelworks in the solidarity movement.

The plan also includes an eco village to showcase sustainable "garden suburb" principles, as well as a business campus and a university campus. The layout emphasizes walkability, with a highly permeable grid and a public transport network ensuring that every area is within a short walk of a tram or bus stop.

Nowa Huta of the Future is a bold vision that requires a combined public-private investment of 7.3 billion Euros. It aims to create a whole new town or city district, accommodating thousands of new homes and generating employment opportunities. The masterplan envisions a place of exceptional quality, with a wide range of commercial, cultural, and leisure facilities that will shape a new local identity and foster pride in the area.

Nowa Huta of the Future is a testament to the power of transformation and regeneration. By embracing the fusion of nature and industry, this visionary masterplan seeks to create a vibrant, sustainable, and thriving community for the modern age.

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