Project's Summary

Miami has always been a city characterized by its rapid development and constant growth. However, despite this, it has never truly found its geographical or urban center. Instead, the city is made up of various strips, avenues, suburbs, and a rather underwhelming "business center." This has resulted in a vertical cityscape that prioritizes height over the enjoyment of the vast horizontal urban space that stretches all the way to the Atlantic horizon.

Similar to the urban model of Los Angeles, Miami has struggled to create a functional civic space within its self-proclaimed center. The lack of such a space prevents residents and visitors from truly experiencing the essence and spirit of the city. Recognizing the need for a change, ARQUITECTUM and A Chapter of the American Institute of Architects (AIA Miami) have come together to address this issue by selecting a troubled spot in Miami with immense potential.

Their aim is to create a space where the future of urban living can be debated and explored. This space, designed on a pedestrian scale, will allow people to gather, enjoy shade, and live in a manner similar to other cities around the world. The objective is to restore the superiority of public open spaces over private and enclosed areas like shopping centers.

To achieve this vision, a comprehensive program has been proposed. It includes the construction of a Catholic Cathedral, high-end loft housing, a Civic Center, a small Contemporary Architecture Museum, and several plazas that reconfigure the new center from within. The main focus of the project is to prioritize the public open space, making it the central element of the entire endeavor.

The Miami Civic Center Competition project, created by the International Design Studio architectural studio, aims to redefine the city's urban landscape. By addressing the lack of a functional civic space and emphasizing the importance of public areas, the project hopes to transform Miami into a city that truly reflects the spirit and essence of its people. It is an ambitious endeavor that seeks to reshape the city's future and create a more vibrant and inclusive urban environment.

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