Project's Summary

Medtronic Orange County Headquarters: A New Cohesive Office and Manufacturing Facility

Snow Kreilich Architects played a crucial role in the consolidation and renovation of two existing buildings into a new, cohesive headquarters office and manufacturing facility for Medtronic Corporation. The project involved extensive interviews, programming, and documentation to consolidate ten separate departments that were previously located in six different buildings throughout Santa Ana. The result is a new, efficient facility that accommodates all the relocated employees in two existing buildings.

Linking Buildings for Employee Amenities

One of the highlights of the project is the newly created link between the manufacturing building and the office building. This space houses employee amenity areas like cooking, dining, exercise, and locker facilities. By linking these two buildings, Medtronic Corporation was able to create a more cohesive workplace environment that enhances employee satisfaction and productivity.

Varied Uses of the Office Building

The office building of the Medtronic Orange County Headquarters houses a variety of uses such as warehousing, research and development, administration, and a specialized office and learning center for visiting customers. This facility extends the Medtronic brand in the area by creating a space in which manufacturing, research, and customer relationships are melded into a single building environment.

Creating a Distinctive Space

The Snow Kreilich Architects team worked closely with Medtronic Corporation to create a distinctive space that reflects the company's values and mission. The result is a space that blends the needs of the employees with the needs of the company, creating a cohesive and efficient workplace that enhances productivity and employee satisfaction.

In conclusion, the Medtronic Orange County Headquarters project is a shining example of how a company can consolidate and renovate existing buildings to create a new, cohesive office and manufacturing facility. With the help of Snow Kreilich Architects, Medtronic Corporation was able to create a space that reflects its values and mission and enhances employee satisfaction and productivity.

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