Project's Summary

The location of the intervention is a ravine that once served as a thriving play area during the summer and a popular slope for sledding during the winter. Nestled within the Belkino mansion park area, this ravine was once a natural extension of the park, but the process of urbanization led to a series of transformations that disconnected it from its surroundings. Initially, it was converted into an open parking lot, and later, plans were made to construct a shopping center on the land. However, the construction was never completed, leaving the place abandoned and isolated for over a decade.

Despite its neglect, the ravine refused to succumb to its desolate state. Nature, in its resilience, began to reclaim the land. The once barren concrete slab became adorned with a vibrant carpet of grasses, its surface partially submerged in groundwater. The soil, once extracted during construction, now transformed into a remarkable landscape adorned with new plants. While the existing state is acknowledged without judgment, its duality is recognized as a significant quality that adds to the mysterious and alluring atmosphere of the place.

To enhance accessibility and facilitate exploration, a grid of wooden paths has been created, intersecting the ground. These paths serve multiple purposes - they offer a simple solution for passage, provide a protective cover, and aid in the preservation of the site. Yet, beyond their practical function, these pathways take on a deeper meaning. They act as narrow passages, allowing visitors to observe the transformation of the concrete structure into a ruin, akin to archaeological dig sites. The network of paths mirrors the grid of columns on the foundation slab, establishing a sense of order and logic while adapting to the natural contours of the ravine.

The grid of paths not only provides accessibility, but it also legitimizes the existing state of the place. Each cell within the grid offers a unique use case and invites various interpretations of its contents. This multiplicity of perspectives adds to the richness and diversity of the experience, allowing visitors to engage with the site in their own way. The Marginalis project, brought to life by the whitelakewhitelake architectural studio, celebrates the beauty of this forgotten space and offers a new lens through which its story can be discovered.

In this project, the ravine reclaims its rightful place within the realm of the Belkino mansion park area. It stands as a testament to the resilience of nature and the ability of forgotten spaces to be rediscovered and reimagined. The grid of wooden paths, with its delicate balance of order and adaptability, invites visitors to engage with the site's transformation and connect with its intriguing atmosphere. The Marginalis project is a compelling example of how architecture can harmonize with nature, breathing new life into forgotten spaces and allowing them to flourish once more.

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