Project's Summary

The Lobster Boat Residence, a project crafted by the renowned architectural studio chadbourne + doss architects, stands as an epitome of an economical, purposeful, and durable dwelling. Nestled within a sprawling waterfront property that has been incorporated into a condominium development, this house is part of a community that fosters a strong sense of togetherness. Alongside four detached residences and two houseboats, residents of this unique abode share waterfront access, parking, utilities, and even a communal vegetable garden.

With shared costs, amenities, and responsibilities, the Lobster Boat Residence cultivates a thriving community spirit among its inhabitants. However, this residence also takes pride in celebrating its location and providing privacy for its family. Set on a dense urban shoreline site, this remodel brilliantly maximizes its surroundings while ensuring seclusion for its residents.

Built on an existing 24’x28’ floor and basement foundation infrastructure, the Lobster Boat Residence ingeniously utilizes the constraints of the site and footprint to create an efficient vertical house. By reaching the maximum allowable zoning envelope, this dwelling offers a diverse range of interior and exterior spaces. Its design embodies an economy of space and resources, reflected in the reuse of existing structures and utilities, efficient spatial organization, and the careful selection of materials and systems that prioritize low monetary, environmental, and life-cycle costs.

The Lobster Boat Residence project showcases the ingenuity of chadbourne + doss architects in transforming a limited space into a harmonious and sustainable dwelling. By seamlessly blending functionality, affordability, and durability, this architectural marvel not only provides a comfortable home for its residents but also contributes to the vibrant community that thrives within the waterfront property.

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