Project's Summary

Global Architecture & Design Awards 2018 Honorable Mention | Category: Interior – Corporate (Built)

Designed by FUNKT studio & Citydot Studio, the Leanplum Office in Sofia, Bulgaria, has been recognized with an Honorable Mention in the Global Architecture & Design Awards 2018. The project was undertaken to establish a new tech presence for a fast-growing San Francisco-based start-up in the capital city of Sofia.

The main objective of the design was to create an office interior that resembled a "city", providing a conducive environment for a wide range of activities throughout the workday. The traditional workplace was reimagined by incorporating new spatial elements, such as a conference room designed as a "house" and an open meeting area resembling a "square". These elements, along with a color-coded carpet pattern, defined various "city zones" that encouraged informal teamwork, meaningful connection, innovation, and a doer mentality.

The Leanplum Office in Sofia stands out for its innovative approach to office design, which goes beyond the conventional and fosters an atmosphere of creativity and collaboration. By utilizing the concept of a city, the design team has successfully transformed the space into a dynamic and functional environment that supports the needs of a rapidly growing tech company.

The design of the office highlights the importance of creating diverse spaces that cater to different work styles and activities. The "city zones" provide employees with a sense of belonging and identity within the office, fostering a stronger sense of community and teamwork. Moreover, the incorporation of unique elements, such as the conference room and open meeting area, adds a touch of creativity and personality to the overall design.

The Leanplum Office in Sofia, designed by FUNKT studio & Citydot Studio, is a testament to the power of innovative and thoughtful design. By reimagining the traditional workplace and incorporating elements inspired by a city, the design team has successfully created a dynamic and inspiring environment that promotes collaboration, creativity, and productivity. This recognition in the Global Architecture & Design Awards 2018 is a testament to the team's vision and execution of this exceptional project.

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