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Citydot Studio, LLC is an innovative design company that draws inspiration from the contemporary urban vibe to create unique and unconventional office interior architecture, residences, and custom furniture. With a presence in California and Europe for the past 5 years, the studio has established itself as a leading force in the industry. Guided by a specific set of geometric rules and a focus on construction simplicity and innovative programmatic analysis, Citydot Studio's spaces are designed to evoke a calming and balanced effect in our fast-paced lives. By incorporating distinguishable parts that are repeated with variation, their architecture emulates the rhythm and harmony found in nature.

Founded by Savina Kyurkchieva, a licensed architect with a creative vision, Citydot Studio is dedicated to delivering exceptional design solutions. The studio's current focus encompasses a wide range of projects, including residences, commercial interior architecture, custom furniture, acoustics, branding, and art installations. From crafting functional and aesthetically pleasing living spaces to designing captivating office environments, Citydot Studio's expertise spans across various domains.

At the core of Citydot Studio's design philosophy lies a commitment to creating spaces that go beyond conventional norms. By embracing unconventional approaches and pushing the boundaries of design, the studio brings a fresh perspective to each project. The combination of geometric principles, construction simplicity, and programmatic analysis sets Citydot Studio apart, resulting in architecture that is not only visually striking but also functional and tailored to the needs of its occupants. With a focus on balance and harmony, their designs aim to create spaces that provide respite from the chaotic urban environment.

In conclusion, Citydot Studio, LLC is a design company founded by Savina Kyurkchieva, renowned for their contemporary and unconventional approach to architecture and design. With a passion for creating spaces that bring balance to our hectic lives, the studio's projects in California and Europe have left a lasting impact. By incorporating specific geometric rules, construction simplicity, and programmatic analysis, Citydot Studio's designs evoke the soothing rhythm found in nature. Their commitment to excellence extends beyond architecture, as they also specialize in custom furniture, acoustics, branding, and art installations. Through their innovative and distinctive design solutions, Citydot Studio continues to shape the landscape of modern architecture.

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