Project's Summary

A Place of Memory: La Maison de l'Image Project by YLA Studio

Situated in the suburbs of Casablanca, the La Maison de l'Image project, created by the YLA Studio architectural studio, holds significant importance in the early stages of urbanization. The project revolves around several key aspects, including the integration into a site with a rich history, the cultural perspective of a "historic" architecture, and the promotion of the region's image for economic, social, and cultural enhancement.

The chosen site holds deep historical roots, as its toponymy is derived from the story of a man named "Lhaj Bouazza" and a building known as the "Kasbah." This building stands as a witness and bearer of history, serving as a place of memory. Integrating into such a singular site allows the project to establish a profound connection with the past, while also embracing the challenges of the present.

Furthermore, the architectural design of La Maison de l'Image is influenced by the cultural perspective of the world of the image. The former owner, M. Gabriel Veyre, a director-operator of Light and a French photographer closely associated with the sultan, brings a unique vision to the project. The desire for a "historic" architecture must be viewed through this cultural lens, ensuring that the building becomes a vessel for the promotion and preservation of the region's visual heritage.

The concept of the kasbah district is characterized by its square geometric plan, symbolizing the human desire to control and master nature. The iconicity of this geometric form represents strength and stability, juxtaposed against the untouched natural surroundings. Additionally, the kasbah acts as a visual landmark visible from the road, embodying a sense of modernity and drawing attention to the project.

The kasbah's enclosure is not just a mere structure but a habitable space that follows the natural contours of the ground. This design approach maximizes the utilization of the site, transforming the patio into a vibrant living area. From the outside, the kasbah district exudes a sense of unity and community, inviting visitors to explore its hidden treasures. Similar to the medina, the volumes within the kasbah do not immediately reveal their beauty. However, once inside, one is greeted with a delightful surprise, evoking a sense of wonder and enchantment.

The master plan of La Maison de l'Image comprises various patios, each with different sizes and purposes. These patios become the heart of the project, where all activities and interactions take place. They symbolize the celebration of communal spaces and serve as a testament to the vitality and dynamism of the region.

In summary, the La Maison de l'Image project by YLA Studio is not merely an architectural endeavor but a place of memory and cultural significance. Through its integration into a site with a rich history, its alignment with the cultural perspective of the world of images, and its mission to promote the region's image, this project stands as a beacon of economic, social, and cultural valorization. The kasbah district's unique design, with its geometric plan and vibrant patios, adds a touch of modernity while respecting the spirit of the past. La Maison de l'Image is a testament to the power of architecture in preserving and promoting the heritage of a region.

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