Project's Summary

The Rialto Cafe, an iconic establishment in downtown Greensburg, PA since 1933, recently faced a pressing challenge - the need for expansion. Unfortunately, the existing building, which dates back to 1796, posed limitations to any possible additions. Determined to overcome this obstacle, the owner made a bold decision. He chose to forgo two tenant spaces in the adjacent building, situated next to the cafe's outdoor courtyard, in order to optimize his real estate and facilitate expansion.

In a pioneering move, the owner decided to connect the new space to the existing cafe through the courtyard, enabling patrons to seamlessly transition between the two bar and restaurant areas. This innovative concept not only pays homage to the original Rialto's spirit but also embraces a fresh image that caters to the younger generation it aims to attract. The architectural design of the new space effortlessly aligns with both the budget and the target audience. By utilizing simple off-the-shelf industrial parts such as plywood panels, black steel pipe railings, bold colors, and corrugated metal, a distinct identity for the future generations of Rialto begins to take shape.

The Rialto too (2), also known as the Rialto 2 project, is the brainchild of the esteemed architectural studio, Lee CALISTI architecture+design. With a focus on creating an environment that resonates with contemporary sensibilities, the studio has crafted a space that effortlessly combines functionality, aesthetics, and affordability. The use of readily available industrial components not only ensures cost-effectiveness but also adds a touch of modernity to the overall design.

The Rialto 2 project symbolizes a significant milestone in the evolution of this beloved establishment. By embracing a new architectural language, it opens its doors to a younger clientele while remaining true to its historical roots. The courtyard connecting the two spaces serves as a vibrant hub, inviting patrons to explore the diverse offerings and seamlessly transition between the original Rialto and its contemporary counterpart.

In conclusion, the Rialto 2 project, a visionary endeavor undertaken by Lee CALISTI architecture+design, showcases the successful expansion of the Rialto Cafe in downtown Greensburg, PA. By creatively utilizing the adjacent building and connecting it to the existing cafe through a lively courtyard, a new chapter in the Rialto's history unfolds. The architectural design, characterized by its use of simple industrial elements, caters to the younger generation while staying true to the cafe's rich heritage. The Rialto 2 project stands as a testament to the adaptability and forward-thinking approach of the owner, ensuring the legacy of this landmark establishment endures for generations to come.

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