Project's Summary

Perched majestically on a mountain in the picturesque Eastern Townships, the Crowhill cabin stands as a testament to timelessness and minimalism. Designed by the renowned architectural studio, _naturehumaine, this unique project seeks to highlight the beauty of the surrounding landscape through its angular shape and thoughtful placement.

The cabin makes clever use of the rocky cape on which it sits, anchoring its raw concrete foundations into the earth. From these foundations, two volumes extend towards the treetops. The first module encompasses the living areas, while the second houses two cozy bedrooms. The sloping roofs of these modules follow the natural slope of the ground, creating a sensation of gliding over the cliff's edge. The entrance, positioned strategically between the modules, adds a sense of harmony to the design.

To maximize the breathtaking views while minimizing solar gain during the scorching summer months, the south facade features overhanging roofs. This architectural choice not only emphasizes the panoramic view but also provides shade and relief from the sun's heat. On the side, a wooden platform extending from the kitchen is perfectly oriented towards the west, offering a serene spot to enjoy the radiant sunset. The burnt wood used on the facades, combined with pre-woven hemlock planks, contributes to a natural color palette that seamlessly blends the cabin with its surrounding environment.

Inside, the cabin truly comes alive as the panoramic view takes center stage in the living spaces and the master bedroom. The designers have utilized ceramic flooring with a concrete finish throughout the cabin, creating a cohesive and harmonious flow while echoing the natural texture of the foundations. The result is a space that not only enhances the landscape but also serves as a sanctuary for tranquility and contemplation.

In conclusion, the Crowhill cabin is a stunning example of architectural brilliance. With its minimalist design, emphasis on natural elements, and integration with the surrounding landscape, it stands as a testament to the _naturehumaine studio's vision and expertise. This serene retreat atop a mountain in the Eastern Townships offers its inhabitants a space of tranquility, where the beauty of nature can be fully appreciated and cherished.

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